Video Alerts

Do you know when videos are posted online that talk about you or topics that concern your organization?

The Petey Vid video alert system searches video titles, descriptions and meta-data in order to show you relevant video results. These results come from 65+ diverse sources across the globe. (multi-lingual)

Video links are collected and sent to you daily, via a consolidated email report.


  • Brand Compliance & Monitoring
  • Market Research
  • Reputation Management
  • Competition Analysis

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Includes: 3speak, 56, 9gag, Acfun, Alt-censored, Amazon, AOL, Aparat, Baidu, Bao, Bilbili, BitChute, Bittube, Brighteon, Coub, Dailymotion, Dlive, DTube, Facebook, FC2, Flickr, Imgur, Instagram, Internet Archive, Iqiyi, Ku6, Kwai,, Liveleak,, Metacafe, Mevue, Minds, Myge, Naver, Nico Video,, Pear, PeerTube, Periscope, PPTV, QQ, Reddit, Rediff, Rumble, Rutube, SchoolTube, Snotr, Sohu, TikTok, Trilulilu, Tudou, Tumblr,, Twitch, Twitter, Vbox7, Viddio, Vidlii, Vidmax, Vimeo, Vine, VK, Vlare, YouKu, YouTube


Alert Management


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